We welcome you to join with us as a Partner  in the Miracle Vision which God has given us to enable and equip people to live a sin free, sickness free, struggle free, lack free, evil free, failure free supernatural life wherein one is able to continuously and constantly experience Rest, Joy, Peace, Health, Increase, Abundance and Victory in a world filled with confusion, instability and evil.


Pastor Priscilla and I are so thankful for your consideration of partnering with Miracle Healing Centre. We do not take such a covenant relationship lightly because it is through your commitment and donations that we're able to fulfil the vision which God has given us to the utmost parts of the world.


We are committed to uphold all our partners in our prayers and teach them the uncompromising miracle working word and as a partner you can be rest assured that the Mighty Miracle working power of God which he has bestowed on our ministry will work for you and enable you to experience the Miracle Vision which God has given to us.


I am sure that as the anointing in our ministry increases so will the anointing increase upon you which will enable you to see amazing miracles and experience Christ in His fullness. Once again we wish to thank you for the decision you have taken in being a part with us and sowing in our ministry.


Rev Dr Paul D Dawson