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God redeemed man so that he may live a Sin free, Sickness free, Struggle free, Lack free, Evil free, Failure free Supernatural life wherein one continuously walks in Rest, Joy, Peace, Health, Increase and Victory.


But the redeemed ones are living as if Jesus has partially done His work on the cross. Sin, Sickness, Struggle, Lack, Failure and absence of Rest, Joy, Peace, Health, Increase and Victory has been constantly and  continuously dominating  many of the redeemed ones.


The reason as to why they live so is because they do not understand the worldly system according to which "Anything  that you allow will enter your life and dominate you". If you allow good it will enter and you will see good manifesting. If you allow evil it will enter and you will see evil manifesting.


People allow satan and his works to enter due to lack of Knowledge. Miracle Power School Online Courses have been started with the objective of Equipping and Enabling people to Resist and Reign over satan and his evil works. An Indepth teaching on Kingdom principles form part of the Curriculum. 


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