Miracle Healing Centre

We are a Chennai, India-based Church and ministry with members and covenant partners all over the world. ​

The Holy Spirit led us to establish Miracle Healing Centre with the aim of enabling believers to live the supernatural, miraculous, abundant life that is in Christ Jesus. This is only possible when a redeemed person is taught how to move from the natural and step into the supernatural. Knowledge of the miracle-working power of God and knowing how to release it enables one to step out and live in the supernatural.
At Miracle Healing Centre, we are committed to creating an atmosphere which allows the Holy Spirit to move in total liberty and liberate people, enabling them to walk in the fullness of God. As per the vision, Miracle Healing Centre is completely filled with miracle power.

 Through spirit-filled teaching and exposure to miracle power, believers are taught how to move out of the natural and step into the supernatural with ease. Once they step into the supernatural, they learn to start living in it. At Miracle Healing Centre, both believers and visitors testify to the manifestation of God’s power. Instantaneous miracles take place in every meeting. Bondages are broken, the sick are healed and the oppressed are delivered.
We believe in understanding God as taught by the Word. This means studying the nature of God: his great goodness, grace and love. It also means understanding the ways of God: God almighty desires to manifest in the lives of His people. As believers learn to receive and utilize the power of God, they see this mighty God in action.