God is keeping a group of people alive in this world with a very specific reason. These are the redeemed, who were purchased when God the father sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus. Why did God the creator pay such a heavy price to redeem these people? Surely there must be a reason. Firstly, God was willing to give His only son as a ransom because He loved these people. Secondly, He intends to prove to the world that His Word is alive and does what it proclaims.


Yes. Dear child of God, you are alive today so that you may prove to the world that His word is true and unfailing!


Do you know? You can only prove to the world that God's word is true and unfailing when you are alive.

The moment you leave this world you are of no use to the people of this world.

Your opportunity period has ended.




Dearly Beloved,

When the Word becomes alive in your life: when it starts working, you will find that sickness, lack, debt, failure, tension, worry, confusion, blocks, struggle, family problem, troublesome children, office problems and every problem that dominates you today is a thing of the past. The reason is this - The word has enough power to do what it says. It can change any complicated situation and bring it in line with what it says.


The Word, when it starts to manifest can make humans gasp at the events unfurling before their eyes. When human eyes see the Red sea parting for you and a way being created in the deep waters, it baffles their minds. When the human mind is unable to devise a way to cross Jericho because of the unpenetrable walls, we find that the power in the word easily breaks the walls of Jericho without a stone being thrown. When Elijah is alone in the wilderness, we find ravens who by nature steal, suddenly bringing the best food to the man of God, feeding him for many days.


The word can do anything. It can bring your life in line with it. When the Word says, By His stripes you were healed - 1 Peter 2:24, it is so. It is impossible for one who is redeemed, whom God claims to have healed by the stripes of Jesus to be dominated by sickness when the Word starts working in his life. When the word says in Phillippians 4:19 that He will supply all your need according to his riches in glory, it is impossible for a redeemed one to live in lack, want and struggle. But when we analyse the lives of many of the redeemed, we find that their life is dominated by sickness, lack, debt, failure, tension, worry, confusion, blocks, struggle, family problem, troublesome children, office problems etc.


Where is the problem? Why is the word not doing what it says in their life? It is because of a lack of understanding of the Word, its power and of God who spoke the Word.


God has raised up this ministry to teach and equip people to move out of the natural and step out into the supernatural.


Moving out of the natural and stepping into the supernatural is not something which happens the movement you are redeemed. You need to fill your heart with the power-packed word and meditate on it, till the power that is within the Word comes out and enables you to move out of the natural and step into the supernatural.  It is for this reason that we have posted in this website a number of power sermons, miracle videos and other resources designed to feed your heart with the power-word. 


Remember: God's purpose in keeping you alive in this world is to prove to the world that his Word is infallible and does exactly what it says. No power in the heavens, earth or under the earth can prevent the word from doing what it says. The good news today is that God has chosen weak, ordinary, helpless people like us and is keeping us alive to prove to the world through our lives, the infallibility and integrity of His almighty, awesome Word.


Though  It is beyond comprehension, yet it is possible because the Almighty has filled us with His mighty power through His beloved son Jesus who died for us and paid the price so that we may be the righteousness of God and be clothed with this amazing power.


May God, the Creator of the universe bless you and lead you in all truth. 



Rev. Dr. Paul & Priscilla Dawson