Rev. Dr. Paul D. Dawson is founder and senior pastor of Shadow of the Almighty Faith Tabernacle (SAFT) based in Chennai, India. Begun in 1998 upon the calling of the Lord Jesus Christ, SAFT is an ever-growing congregation which meets since 2010 at Miracle Healing Centre. Miracle Healing Centre was established especially to enable believers to experience the miracle-working, breakthrough power of almighty God. The ministry now spans several continents with believers and covenant partners across the globe. 

Called to minister full time in 1998, Rev. Dr. Paul D. Dawson, left his career as a senior executive in a leading government insurance company to found Shadow of the Almighty Faith Tabernacle, a church he pastors with his wife Pastor. Priscilla Dawson. ​


Though an excellent teacher of the Word, Rev. Dawson always hungered that the spoken word should be confirmed with mighty signs and wonders as in the time of Jesus and later, the Apostles. He knew this was not possible unless the miracle-working power of God flowed out of a person abundantly. Though God did perform miracles through him, he was not satisfied and continued persistently in studying the scriptures and spending time with God seeking the secret of the kind of miracle-working power which was in Jesus and the Apostles.​


In 2010, the Lord gave him insight into the flow and operation of miracle-working power and Rev Paul D Dawson started seeing the hand of God move differently and more powerfully. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Miracle Healing Centre was founded in May 2010 with the express purpose of enabling believers to experience the supernatural, breakthrough power of God.



Rev. Paul Dawson's vision is to make believers experience the "unbelievable, unthinkable, unimaginable and ununderstandable" in a world dominated by lack, confusion, sickness, tension, worry, failure and struggle through Almighty God's miracle-working power. After the way of the Apostles, Rev. Dawson's ministry has been continuously confirmed by God Almighty through mighty signs and wonders which accompany the preaching of the Word.



Rev. Dawson ministers all over the world with the primary objective of teaching people the miracle-working faithful Word. His burden is to equip believers with knowledge of the supernatural resources which are in Christ Jesus so they can become effective soul winners, living a life full of power and victory.




The mighty power of God is evident in every service with people being healed instantaneously of sickness and disease. Believers report miraculous deliverance from financial problems, confusion, addiction to alcohol, smoking and other bad habits.